DRUG FREE in the local communities!!

Resources for Addicts                       

People who are addicted to drugs or other things may not have the resources available to get the help they need.  Here are some important resources, that if a person who has an addiction problem is in need, they can have access to.  

This webpage has a search engine for any city in the US and drug treatment.


This webpage offers group peer support for addiction and recovery



There is help out there if you have an addiction problem, it's important to find and ask for help if you need it.  We have someone on call 9-5 EST Mon- Fri if you need help in that time, please call our office and our case manager can aid in getting you the help you need.  We have resources available for the drug addiction, regular crisis as well as housing in most of the US.  Have to ask if it's needed though.  So don't be afraid to call or use a resource.  We use the SAMSHA inpatient treatment locator for local drug treatment referrals via hotline.   888-533-6661 treatment referral ext. 
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