DRUG FREE in the local communities!!

About US

Drug Free Gang Free started in 2004 as a retail store.  From 2004-2007 the extra proceeds from the retail profits were donated to those in need.   After the owners finished the college, we started to hire felons and other people.  Now our retail is mainly drug and violence safety products, that are all researched for effectiveness for drug and violence prevention by the Prevention Society.  We established 501 status April 2012.  Today the charity works with The Second Chance Offender ReEntry and in accordance to those guidelines.
Our charity offers our employees and people in our 135 location local communities classes biweekly in resumes, college planning, job interview skills, and job interview etiquette as needed to our employees as well as to the general public.  

********** ANNOUNCEMENT:  In regards to applications for part time work.  The average wait for a job is 60 - 90 days at this time , but if you attend the local classes it could be as soon as 30 days.    Call about our local class locations!  

Meet the Board!

Taylor Anthoney     Acting Chief Officer     Masters in non profit administration.   6 years experience in homeless services.  

Dr Jones    ESI 1, Participating Department, Drug Prevention, Res Asst, 2 Predoctoral Trainees Supported 2015 for Drug Abuse Prevention Intervention Research, work with Court Services
mJones@drugfreegangfree.org     (14 day to 21 day response time)

Laura Jones   Financial Officer   (board terms ends 2017)  Criminal Justice.  Previous experience in budgeting and financial management for 501c3.   Research Associate

2013 Audit and 2016 Review Available on Request! 
990 forms or 1023 forms available on Request!   Just email info@drugfreegangfree.org or give us a call!
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